Nutritional Fitness

You can’t have good health through exercising alone, regular exercise and a healthy diet must go together, like a horse and cart, if we are to perform efficiently. To a large extent we are what we eat, and if we aim to have a long and healthy life we must watch what we eat. Since I was a small child I have been interested in all forms of movement and sport. An energetic youngster, a bit if a tomboy if truth be told, I soon learnt to be aware of my body and it’s physical limitations, as I ran and jumped, always trying to better my brother and many boy cousins. But in my teens, as a young athlete running for my County, I soon realised my performance depended not only on natural ability, training, or even long legs! It depended on being able to cope with nervous tension, illness, or aches and pains inflicted through incorrect training. But even more importantly, it depended on what I ate and drank; and that made the difference to my coming first or last


I love my coffee! Moderate coffee consumption of four to five cups per day is safe and may even confer some health benefits. It takes approx 20 mins for caffeine to get into one’s system and most of us find we are more mentally alert after 1-2 cups. In the UK we drink an average of 3 cups of coffee a day and 4 -5 cups is considered OK but in moderation! 7 cups is heavy use although in Scandinavia they are known to drink 11 cups a day!

Healthy Heart

The number of factors influence the incidence of heart disease. Ones you cannot change include your family history; your are at increased risk if there is heart disease in your family. Factors that can be reduced or eliminated include high blood cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, smoking, diabetes, and being overweight and physically inactive.