My New Year resolution to lose weight hasn’t really done it for me!

Hi Diana …Well here we are nearing the end of January and my New Year resolution to lose weight hasn’t really done it for me!  What down to earth tips can you give me to help my continuing battle with the bulge!   Marjorie Barnes…Devon   Hi Marjorie, you need motivation so ask your GP, aContinue reading “My New Year resolution to lose weight hasn’t really done it for me!”

New Zealand green-lipped mussel oil

For many hundreds of years, the native coastal Maori population of New Zealand has consumed raw New Zealand green-lipped mussels as a primary part of their diet. They would harvest the mussels growing naturally on the seashores and eat them raw. Although they saw the mussel as an important part of their diet, they didContinue reading “New Zealand green-lipped mussel oil”

Stubborn Weightloss

Sometimes when you try to lose weight and exercise hard it can be frustrating if you don’t lose anything significant. One reason could be that regular exercise builds strong muscles, and muscle weighs more heavily than the flab it replaces. It takes time and effort to rebuild strong muscle and to stretch out and tone your entire body. Perhaps you could jog twice a week? If that is too strenuous I recommend you walk for half an hour every day instead. But it must be a brisk walk to keep your metabolic rate up.

Strong bones

Osteoporosis, a debilitating condition caused by the loss of bone mineral, makes the bone susceptible to fracture, especially at the hip, wrist and spine. It is most common in menopausal women as the decline in oestrogen levels leads to an increase in the normal rat of mineral loss from bone.

Eat to beat aging

Ensure your diet is rich is nutrients, but lean in fat and calories for overall health and to reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer
Enhance your immune system with foods rich in antioxidants.
Keep your digestive system healthy.
Strengthen bones with diet and exercise
Protect eyesight with antioxidants