GoddessArt -Still Life

Painting Still Life is a classic form of art painting which I find very satisfying and therapeutic.  I like the challenge of depicting the objects as forms, shapes and colours and the importance of lights and shades.  Often more exacting than  painting people, animals or places it has  the advantage of the subject staying stillContinue reading “GoddessArt -Still Life”


.  The countryside around Lustleigh in Devon is very picturesque with the dramatic hills of Exmoor, woodlands, fields and drovers roads much of it contained by ancient stone walls.  Also referred to as ridgeways many drovers’ roads were ancient routes of unknown age, some dating back to medieval  times. These hidden byways or droveways were a route for droving livestock on foot fromContinue reading “Lustleigh”


I have not been taught to paint animals but maybe my natural love of all creatures great and small helps me depict them. Ella, a dear horse adored by her owner Lucy, one of my granddaughters, was my first nervous attempt. I was very pleased with the result which spurred me on to paint myContinue reading “Mollie”

Friendly Robin

Having been lucky enough to spend wonderful times travelling the world I have come to appreciate the variety of colourful flowers, animals and birds to be found in other countries. GoddessArt – Gardens GoddessArt – The Caribbean GoddessArt -Still Life GoddessArt -Flowers Cruising brings the world to my easel Back home in my “studio” painting Norwegian Fjords


Red poppies are so spectacular. and have long been used as a symbol of sleep, peace, and death. Sleep because the opium extracted from them is a sedative, and death because of the common blood-red colour . Following the trench warfare in the poppy fields of Flanders, Belgium during World War I, poppies have become a symbol of remembrance of soldiersContinue reading “Poppies”