Benefits of Walking

We monitor the evidence base for the benefits and harms of walking and funded two comprehensive reviews which are reproduced below. In 2012 William Buckland, the Director of the National Campaign for Walking produced a report for Public Health England and the Ramblers which reinforced the strength of the evidence base – the evidence is very strong that the benefits are considerable and the risks negligible

Bone Strengthening Exercises & Tips For Those Who Suffer From Osteoporosis

You’re never too old to improve bone and muscle strength, even if you actually suffer from osteoporosis. Before-and-after research with very elderly people has demonstrated the benefit of bone-loading exercise and also shown how mobility and muscle power enhance even simple activities like getting up from a chair, lifting parcels or going up stairs. Of course these benefits also reduce the risk of falling and suffering a fracture. Should you have the bad luck to fall, you’re less likely to suffer serious consequences.

Osteoporosis – Bone Booster Exercises

My Bone Boosters programme consists of a set of easy movements designed specifically to strengthen and preserve bone thickness. They are exercises you can do in your everyday life, around your home or workplace or in the garden. You need no more than 20-30 minutes a day, for three days a week, though we do ask that you build up to this slowly to avoid possible injury or over-tiring.

don’t plan to stop pedaling any time soon

That great US Statesman Claude Pepper once said, “Life is like riding a bicycle. You don’t fall off unless you plan to stop pedaling.” Well, I don’t plan to stop pedaling any time soon and last week something rather exciting happened to me. As a mature woman I took possession of a new bike…possibly onlyContinue reading “don’t plan to stop pedaling any time soon”

Exercise your arms, chest and wrists

Before you begin any exercise programme check with your doctor if you suffer from heart disease, high blood pressure, joint problems, back problems, obesity, a serious illness, or are convalescing The following exercises concentrate on strengthening and maintaining suppleness in the shoulders, arms and wrists to be able to perform everyday upper body activities suchContinue reading “Exercise your arms, chest and wrists”

“Get moving, wake up and stretch”

Our daily routine should be a mixture of sitting, standing, moving and some moderate exercise. But the pace of life makes it difficult and the sheer pressure of work causes poor posture and tension headaches.  We appear to carry the world on our shoulders and many people will experience stiff necks and poor posture asContinue reading ““Get moving, wake up and stretch””