Healthy Travelling

Travelling can be an exciting holiday adventure or a working necessity of life. Both often involve miles of exhausting journeys, hours away from loved ones and erratic meal times. Add to this the stress and strain of keeping to a demanding schedule and the result can be a pretty hectic and unhealthy lifestyle. Be aware of the hazards, they could affect your work, cost you your health, or worst still your family. It’s good to feel fit full of energy and able to cope efficiently with problems, but a healthy lifestyle is a combination of sensible eating and moderate regular exercise.

My Garden

To own a garden is to possess a piece of heaven on earth, in my case a very small bit. But contrary to what the advertising world wants us to believe, size doesn’t always matter! Small can be beautiful, as I know from the pleasure my modest suburban garden gives me. Working in London makes me feel tense and caged in, but arriving at my house and garden on the edge of the River Thames 12 miles out of Town, I immediately begin to unwind and feel normal again. Whether I’m working physically in my garden, or simply sitting around enjoying the beauty, it helps rid me of frustrations.

Cosmetic Surgery

Ageing American film stars started the cosmetic surgery craze for eradicating the signs of ageing back in the 1950’s, now its commonplace. British women held back, the biggest deterrent was public opinion which considered signs of ageing should be stoically accepted, vanity discouraged, looks unimportant and even correcting birthmarks or defects as “meddling with nature”. What really mattered was “inner beauty”.

I Was A Girl Guide

First I was a Brownie in Somerset, then a Brownie ( Sprite) and GirlGuide (Daffodil) when we moved house to Gloucestershire. Guiding helped instil in me the importance of a healthy lifestyle – and leadership – and confidence in oneself. I had a strict upbringing and my father kept me like a coiled spring under his thumb. Guiding released that spring. I had so much energy – I still do – and I was able to channel it into leadership and motivating people. It gave me the guidelines for my life and career.

The Joys Of Maturity

The baby boomers, those people born immediately after the war have finally grown up and joined the ranks of the over 60’s.. Generally speaking, older adults in the UK today are healthier, have experience, knowledge, and more disposable income than previous generations. Personally I feel comfortable with my maturity and I’ve finally come to accepting myself – warts and all. I regard this time of life as primetime, a bonus. Not all would agree. Within the 60+ group there appears a division, the majority plan positively for the future, but a minority still feel extremely negative about it.

Reflections On My Maturity

When I picked up my Bus Pass after celebrating my 60th birthday, I remember reflecting over the previous 60 years, my youth and my middle age, mostly with gratitude, but also with a few regrets. I also remembered looking forward, with hope and optimism to the millennium and to my future as an older woman, in what I hoped would be my primetime. The year was 2000 and I hoped the years to follow would have the potential of being an exciting and challenging time for mature women like me in the UK. I considered myself fortunate to be living at a time in history when finally women’s talents and strengths were receiving recognition and reward and that my generation of women had the opportunity to change the perception of growing older for generations of younger women to follow.

BETRAYAL – When I Realised I’d Married A Cheat.

I knew I had married the wrong man in 1993 but I should have realised a lot sooner that he was not the perfect husband I thought him to be. For as I lay convalesing in our Dorset seaside home after breast surgery my 4 and a half year marriage to my second husband was to end abruptly with the publication in a national daily newspaper of details and photographs of him with his mistress.

Ageism in 21st Century

The baby boomers, those people born immediately after the second world war, have grown up and joined the rapidly swelling ranks of the UK’s over 50’s. I was born at the start of the war in 1939, but by including myself in their number, I can state that being both over 50 and female, at this time in history, is exciting and a challenge.

Reflections On Ageing

At 19 I started working voluntarily with a charity for older people in Bristol. For the past 22 years I’ve been a member of Stage for Age, the show business arm of Help the Aged, and work voluntarily to raise funds and awareness of older people’s issues. We live longer these days, but we need to be as healthy as possible to enjoy those extra years, so the work of Help the Aged/Research into Ageing plays a vital role.