Is the menopause stopping you from concentrating ?

“Meditation and Concentration are the way to a Life of Serenity” ~ (Baba Ram Dass). But many a menopausal woman feels far from serene as she battles with the problem of trying to concentrate which frequently occurs during the perimenopause, the transitional period before menopause. Some women worry in case this lack of concentration isContinue reading “Is the menopause stopping you from concentrating ?”

“Get moving, wake up and stretch”

Our daily routine should be a mixture of sitting, standing, moving and some moderate exercise. But the pace of life makes it difficult and the sheer pressure of work causes poor posture and tension headaches.  We appear to carry the world on our shoulders and many people will experience stiff necks and poor posture asContinue reading ““Get moving, wake up and stretch””

Do you have burst blood vessels?

Hello Please can you tell me what is happening when I have a ‘burst blood vessel, usually on my hand? They are painful and leave a nasty bruise. The most recent one occurred after I had been gardening, but often they appear out of the blue. Thank you, Rosemary Siddles (email) Bruising is caused byContinue reading “Do you have burst blood vessels?”

Maintaining strong bones

Hello Diana, I am in my late 50’s and am anxious to keep my body strong and healthy. What natural ways do you recommend to help me maintain good bones and prevent the thinning bone disease osteoporosis? Hello, Osteoporosis is a silent insidious bone disease linked to hormonal changes and the menopause in women. ItContinue reading “Maintaining strong bones”

Exercise for slim, strong ankles

The anatomy of the ankle is very complex and whether you are walking, running or jumping normal ankle function is needed for a smooth and nearly effortless gait.   Even when everything works together and the ankle functions correctly the ankle and surrounding muscles are put under a great deal of stress and when oneContinue reading “Exercise for slim, strong ankles”

Chronic inflammation is one of the major causes of the changes that we have assumed to be due to the normal ageing process

Vast sums of money are being spent on the search for the elixir of life, a drug that would slow the ageing process. But there is no pill or drug that we can recommend. But, there is a fascinating new idea emerging from research and that is that by becoming more active we can reduceContinue reading “Chronic inflammation is one of the major causes of the changes that we have assumed to be due to the normal ageing process”