GoddessArt -Still Life

Painting Still Life is a classic form of art painting which I find very satisfying and therapeutic.  I like the challenge of depicting the objects as forms, shapes and colours and the importance of lights and shades.  Often more exacting than  painting people, animals or places it has  the advantage of the subject staying stillContinue reading “GoddessArt -Still Life”

Too much sitting

We sit to take the weight off our feet but sitting for too long can result in slack abdominal muscles and slumped posture encouraging cramp and indigestion.  Exercise helps to re-oxygenate your system and improve your circulation and digestion.  Reintroducing exercise for the less active and for those getting older or restricted in their movementsContinue reading “Too much sitting”


.  The countryside around Lustleigh in Devon is very picturesque with the dramatic hills of Exmoor, woodlands, fields and drovers roads much of it contained by ancient stone walls.  Also referred to as ridgeways many drovers’ roads were ancient routes of unknown age, some dating back to medieval  times. These hidden byways or droveways were a route for droving livestock on foot fromContinue reading “Lustleigh”

Enthesitis-related arthritis

Enthesitis-related arthritis is a type of juvenile arthritis that often affects the joints of the leg and spine, causing inflammation where the tendons attach to the bone. It can cause stiffness in the neck and lower back in the teenage years. It’s also linked to a painful eye condition called acute uveitis. Versus Arthritis has moreContinue reading “Enthesitis-related arthritis”

Strong hands and fingers

Our hands and fingers are anatomically complicated areas of our bodies consisting of 27 bones, and for us human beings they play an important role in how we function in both our body and sign language.  It’s fascinating to learn that the 10 digits of two hands, and also the 12 phalanges of 4 fingers (touchable byContinue reading “Strong hands and fingers”