New year resolutions

Hello Diana, about this time every year I promise myself to make simple changes and to take better care of my health. What could my New Year Resolutions be? Molly Squires Edinburgh

Hello Molly, here are some easy ways to help you to better health in 2021

Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to help ward off colds and flu. “Juicing” the fruit and vegetables makes a pleasant, palatable alternative, ensuring a high intake of protective vitamins. Drink 6 glasses of water a day, water has a cleansing effect on your body.

Give yourself a break and give up alcohol for a month. Alcohol is fattening and disorders of the eyes, skin, joints, heart, hair, digestion and some cancers, are just a few health problems linked with alcohol abuse. Not only your liver will benefit, but the whole of you will perk up, physically and psychologically. Winter skin is exposed to wind, cold, UV radiation and central heating resulting in skin dehydration – time to replenish and pamper! Massage your body daily with a generous helping of moisturising skin cream, and exfoliate once a week with a body salt scrub
Keep active, even though it is cold outside take a brisk half-hour walk, 3 times a week and swim, cycle, jog, or garden whenever possible. Being active makes your body and complexion glow.

PS. Don’t forget your daily dozen “tummy crunches” if you want to achieve/ maintain that flat stomach.

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