Too much sitting

We sit to take the weight off our feet but sitting for too long can result in slack abdominal muscles and slumped posture encouraging cramp and indigestion.  Exercise helps to re-oxygenate your system and improve your circulation and digestion.  Reintroducing exercise for the less active and for those getting older or restricted in their movements is key to maintaining a sense of independence and quality of life.

Ex 1. To stretch upper body

Sit upright on chair with your arms by your sides. Keep your shoulders down and arms straight throughout. With palms forwards raise both arms out to the sides and up high as is comfortable, Return to start position. Repeat 5 times breathing out as you raise your arms up, and in as you lower them down.

Ex 2. To stretch out sides

From start position as before raise both arms out and up high AA comfortable and link your hands. Breathe out and take both arms over to your right side bending from your waist only and stretching out your left side. Arms back to centre and breathe in. Breathe out and take arms over to left side, then back to centre. Repeat to alternate sides 5 times

Ex 3.   To stretch out upper back and relieve back ache

Sit back comfortably in your chair, feet flat on the floor.   Place both hands around your right knee and lift right foot up off the floor.   Bend forward from your waist and take head down towards your knee (as far as comfortable).   Keep this position, lift elbows up out to the sides and round out your back.   Feel the stretch and hold for 10 seconds.   Return right foot to floor.   Repeat lifting your left foot and knee up and holding the stretch for a further 10 seconds.


Do you want to exercise at home?  Here are all of Diana’s videos to choose from – and tell your friends

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