My secret Vice!

I’m a chocoholic which gives me a bit of a problem in the guise of “The Green Goddess” because people don’t expect me to have vices, but I’m just normal with the philosophy “a little of what you fancy does you good” I’ve no dietary fads or fancies, eat a well-balanced diet of fresh fruit and veg, plus fibre, diary produce but not much red meat, preferring fish. I eat a little of everything including “naughty but nice” chocolate. OK I do sometimes subconsciously think “does this chocolate contain 50 or 150 calories” – usually accompanied by a vision of lettuce leaves with zero calories for lunch next day!

A moment in the mouth is a month on the hips can apply to chocolate, and it takes a lot of exercise to work off the excess calories stored around my body as fatty deposits in most inconvenient places. I recall the old West Country saying “When man and woman to 40 do come – man puts on belly and woman a bum.” (Tum…if that is more acceptable) Born and bred in the West Country, my school playing fields near Bristol were in close proximity to Fry’s, the chocolate factory. With wind in a certain direction the delicious aroma of chocolate permeated every pore of my body. I wonder if my chocoholicism started there. Always interested in all forms of movement and sport I danced, jumped, ran and swam with that delicious chocolate smell wafting up my nostrils! As a tiny girl, chocolate was my strict father’s reward to me for good behaviour, and during my teen’s chocolate played its part in the courting game. Many a beau wooed his girlfriend with a HUGE box of chocolates tied up with ribbon. Chocolate was the language of love, both fashionable and correct in the Fifties, replicating the TV ad “The Lady loves Milk Tray”.

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With age I became sophisticated, preferring dark chocolate, and appreciated the “oomph” liquors add to the taste. As a Mum in my 20’s and with 2 sons developing boyish charm, a box of liquor chocolates was discovered to be a peace offering. After a fall out with Mum chocolate signalled a truce – until next time! I don’t over indulge my passion for chocolate, or anything else potentially harmful or damaging to my health and like many good things should be used but not abused. Chocolate is my special treat to be enjoyed and remembered with pleasure!

ideos to choose from – and tell your friends

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