We Brits are a nation of animal lovers, me included.  51% of UK adults own a pet, 26% have a dog and 24% have a cat, both creatures that bring  many of us happiness every day. We see our pets as friends and some researchers have suggested it is our need to take care of another living breathing thing. An ingrained need to nurture!

Animals make us human beings more compassionate, positive and generally happier individuals. Most pets love you unconditionally and are always there for you. And, no matter how bad your day has been they bring you joy, make you relax and you feel better. Our pets become our companions and friends and have one particular asset – unlike humans they don’t talk back!

I only began painting animals a few years ago.  My first attempt was a horse named Ella whom my granddaughter Lucy adored to ride.  Since then I have painted many of my friend’s pets and also my own  cat Maisie.   I’ve recently turned my attention to a few more exotic creatures, fish, turtle, monkeys, ponies and deer!

Majority of my animal paintings are 12 x 16 inches

GoddessArt – Gardens

GoddessArt – The Caribbean

GoddessArt -Still Life

GoddessArt -Flowers

Cruising brings the world to my easel

Back home in my “studio” painting

Norwegian Fjords

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