A few years ago a Chinese artist taught me how to produce beautiful watercolour pictures using  only 3 colours of watercolour paint…a red, a yellow and a blue (each diluted with water), plus a large sheet of good quality watercolour paper.  

I planned a focal point – a flower head – then used masking fluid to cover it. When dry I thoroughly soaked all the paper with water and then dripped my 3 colours onto it with no conceived plan. I did not touch the paper but left the wet paint to spread and the colours to merge at random.  I left it to dry out on a flat surface then peeled off the masking tape and painted my focal point. Whilst doing so I observed the background of abstract colours and shapes and used my imagination to visualise and create my final picture.

An exciting challenge!

Watercolour on top quality watercolour paper. Size 21 x 15 ins

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