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Hello Diana my problem is a bit of a double chin. I sit a lot of the day at my desk and don’t do as much exercise as I used to. Plus I am a bit overweight. How can I tighten up my jaw line? Annie Rushton London

Annie here is a few simple exercises that may help. Do not do the following exercises if you have neck problems.
Exercise 1 Swan
Sit upright on your chair, hold your head high with chin parallel to the floor. Now lift chin up and carefully take your head on back, as far as comfortable. Hold for 5 secs to lengthen out your neck like a swan. Relax and repeat 10 times.
Ex 2 Goldfish
To tighten jowl sit up as before, stick chin forward and open your mouth wide. Pull up lower jaw with a glugging and smacking movement bringing lips

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