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Diana says: – 

“Ever since I was a little West Country girl I’ve enjoyed drawing and painting. At my Bristol Grammar school I proved to be a competent artist and later obtained entry into the West of England College of Art with the intention of becoming a full time student. However my very strict father would not consent to my being an Art Student!  I had to get what he called – a “proper job”!

Subsequently, in the following years, as and when my work allowed, I regularly attended Evening Art Classes. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and viewed painting as my hobby and relaxation.  I mostly painted in oils, on a board or canvas.  Later on, and as a result of my BBC TV and media work, I was fortunate enough to be invited as a regular Guest Speaker on major cruise lines. Whilst at sea and when not speaking, I had the time and opportunity to attend painting classes aboard.  I was introduced to watercolours, this medium being convenient to both pack and paint with whilst travelling. However, 4 years ago out painting landscape with a local group of amateur artists, here in Surrey, I was introduced to Acrylics and discovered the convenience of quick drying! Acrylics are now my preferred medium.  I enjoy the intensity of colour, ease of handling and the ability to “correct” things immediately – when they don’t go according to plan! 


Covid has been a miserable experience for most of us, but personally I have found that with extra time on my hands I‘ve had more opportunity

 to devote to painting. My conservatory has become my studio with its excellent natural light.

Having spent much of my time in the past painting still life, flowers and landscapes I have now broadened my horizons to painting birds, animals, fish and….people!”

I’ve put up some examples of my work at http://www.goddessart.co.uk – let me know what you think?

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