summertime should be about fun in the sun

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Mention summer and I immediately think bikinis, swim suits, short shorts and skimpy clothes. Like most of you I want to look good in the sunshine – summertime should be about fun in the sun! The “hazy, lazy, crazy days of summer” include picnics and barbeques and this I find a bit challenging when it comes to maintaining healthy eating habits. I prefer fish and other seafood, and when the weather is hot I like to eat smaller meals, but more frequently. The more often I eat, the higher my metabolic rate – and a higher metabolism burns more calories. If you prefer meat for your picnic or barbeque, make sure its lean cut meat like steak, chicken and turkey.

I get outdoors whenever possible and include recreational activities as my exercise, because doing something is better than doing nothing.  I certainly don’t take a summer break from fitness! But exercise doesn’t have to be the recommended 30 minutes a day, just ten minutes of exercise/activity a few times a day is beneficial and soon adds up.

When it’s really hot I avoid exercise in high midday temperatures and if I’ve been brisk walking I do my stretching when finished in the shade of trees and bushes. And talking of bushes – at this time of year I like to forage, it can yield delicious results! Hedgerows are full of blackberries, elderberries, damsons, apples, sloes and rose hips, all wild fruits which are extremely good for us. Back home I use the berries to make jams, crumble or freeze to use during the winter months.

If I’m outside for some time I cover up and always wear sun cream to avoid over exposure to the sun’s damaging rays. I sometimes wear a hat but prefer a visor, and have collected sun visors from around the world in all colours. Visors are strangely stylish, help tame my unruly hair and protect my eyes as well as skin. Over exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, the wind and rain cause havoc to coloured hair, so if this is your problem cover up!  And talking of covering up I like to wear a good fitting, flattering 1-piece swimsuit in a stunning colour to boost my confidence, plus a sarong to compliment it. I feel chic and ready to go, but nowadays leave the bikinis to the slim and the very young!

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