Diana Moran celebrates International Women’s Day 2021

Diana Moran celebrates Women's International Day 2021

Diana Moran introduced fitness to the UK in the 80s with BBC Breakfast TV. Now at 82 she reflects on her effect on women’s roles over the last 50 years:

  • Lifting the lid on her own battle with cancer removing the taboo on the subject;
  • Making health and wellness a woman’s choice;
  • Learning broadcast technology despite her initial fears
  • Acting as an inspiration to her engineer son;
  • Being brought back by the BBC, in her 80s, to be a beacon of hope in the midst of the Covid outbreak;
  • Having to learn the new technologies to film herself under isolation
  • She believes that young women today have the world at their feet
  • But warns that without health and wellbeing life will be shorter with less time to achieve their potential

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