How to safely get up from the floor

Dear Diana I am in my 60’s and trying hard to maintain my physical fitness. However, I’m a bit overweight and not as supple as I’d like to be. My problem is getting up after doing my floor exercises. Have you any tips to make it easier? Janet Evans …Bournemouth


Oh Janet, you are not the only one who has difficulty. A lot of people don’t want to do floor exercises for this reason, the fear of getting stuck down there! Fortunately there’s a technique to help get you up off the ground! Begin by rolling onto your side (whichever side is most comfortable). Now place both hands on the floor and with straight arms push your upper body up. Then twist onto your knees and at the same time lift your hip off the ground. You should now be in a kneeling position with both hands and knees on the floor. Next bring one foot and place it forward. From that position you will be able to safely push off and carefully stand up.

Should you have difficulty getting up out of a chair try this technique. Sit upright on your chair feet flat on floor, lean forward from your hips. Keep your head up, look up and with nose over your toes, push and stand up. To begin with use your hands on seat to push up, but aim to keep hands on your thighs and use the power of your front leg muscles (quadriceps) to propel you. Strong muscles help maintain mobility.

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