Is the menopause stopping you from concentrating ?

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“Meditation and Concentration are the way to a Life of Serenity” ~ (Baba Ram Dass).

But many a menopausal woman feels far from serene as she battles with the problem of trying to concentrate which frequently occurs during the perimenopause, the transitional period before menopause. Some women worry in case this lack of concentration is an early sign of a memory loss or feel frightened it may be the first indication of a long-term memory condition such as Alzheimer’s disease. In the majority of cases this is not so, and the symptoms resolve once through the menopause.

However, if these lacks of concentration sounds like you don’t get too anxious because it could simply be due to hormonal fluctuations. During the perimenopause fluctuations of the hormone oestrogen, which stimulates blood flow to the brain and aids learning and memory by helping nerve cells form new connections, can fluctuate. Consequently, when hormonal levels are low, brain function can be affected, particularly the low levels of the hormone oestrogen, which helps keep the brain functioning at its optimum.

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