Do you check your Bra size?

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Hi Diana can you help me to find a bra that fits! I have made some expensive mistakes recently buying bras that do nothing for me. How can I make sure I get the right size to give me a good shape?
Charlotte Temple….Chester

Charlotte you’re obviously not wearing the right size because your bra should fit snugly, be comfortable and make you feel good! The most common problems are flesh bulging out, shoulder straps and wires cutting in, back band riding up and cups that are either too tight or baggy.

Stand facing a large mirror and check the under band of the bra is snug when fastened on the last hook, and that it’s level horizontally both front and back. If the under band rides up the bra size is too big. When you adjust the shoulder straps they should support the cups but still be comfortable. If the cup size is correct the top of the cup should lie totally flat on your bust, it should completely enclose each breast and sit comfortably in the crease underneath your breasts and under your arms.

If your cup size is too small, your bust will bulge over the top and sides so try a bigger cup size, but if there is space in the cups around your bust, then the cup is too big. Your bra should fit perfectly without any gaps so experiment with bra sizes.

Maybe go down in back size but up in cup size – or vice-versa to achieve that great shape you deserve!


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