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Hello Diana, I am in my late 50’s and am anxious to keep my body strong and healthy. What natural ways do you recommend to help me maintain good bones and prevent the thinning bone disease osteoporosis?


Osteoporosis is a silent insidious bone disease linked to hormonal changes and the menopause in women. It affects 1 – 3 older women, but also 1 – 12 men after the age of 60. Osteoporosis can be prevented in many cases; it’s not just getting old as was previously assumed!

Smoking increases the risk, as does a deficiency of calcium and vitamin D leading to fractures of the wrists, hips and spine, backache and loss of height.
Calcium is essential for the development and maintenance of strong teeth and bones with 99% of the calcium found in our skeleton, our bone, nails and teeth. A regular intake of calcium throughout our lifetime together with vitamin D can help prevent osteoporosis. Vitamin D helps regulate the way your body uses calcium and ensure your bones remain strong. It is obtained by the action of sunlight on your skin (or a daily cod liver oil capsule).

Rich sources of calcium are milk, cheese, yoghurt and other dairy produce, and fish such as sardine and pilchards. Importantly for vegetarians, leafy green vegetables including spinach, kale and broccoli, and nuts, dried fruit, dates, prunes, raisins and figs, kidney beans, lentils and baked beans are alternate sources of calcium.


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