My New Year resolution to lose weight hasn’t really done it for me!

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Hi Diana …Well here we are nearing the end of January and my New Year resolution to lose weight hasn’t really done it for me!  What down to earth tips can you give me to help my continuing battle with the bulge!   Marjorie Barnes…Devon


Hi Marjorie, you need motivation so ask your GP, a dietician or a slimming club for advice on diet foods, soups, pills and supplements to help you choose a diet plan to suit you.   Set yourself a reasonable and achievable goal weight and persuade a friend to join you. Aim to achieve your goal weight by a certain date or special occasion (wedding, anniversary, birthday) but to avoid disappointments don’t set your goal too high.   Be realistic; calculate that the event or date is far enough in the future for you to achieve your goal.

Buy an article of clothing, or re-discover a favourite from your slim past, in the dress size you aim to be.   Look at it often – for inspiration! Arrange to treat yourself to a reward when you eventually do reach your target and spoil yourself.   Perhaps that holiday you previously longed for but felt too obese to take, or an activity that your size restricted you from doing in the past.

When you eventually reach goal weight congratulate yourself on time and effort well spent, and on your determination to succeed.   Vow to stay motivated, slimmer and fit and stick with your healthy habits and winning formula for life.

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