I have become increasingly concerned about the appearance of my arms

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Dear Diana

I have become increasingly concerned about the appearance of my arms so much so that I never reveal them even on hot summer days. The skin appears mottled, marbled even, and I most certainly have ‘bingo wings’. Is there anything that can be done ?

Valerie Gould, Bucks



Valerie you’re not alone, it happens after the first flush of youth!

Especially if there’s been a dramatic weight loss through dieting. By 35 upper arms are prone to flabbiness, the trick is to fight the flab by toning muscle and skin on the underside. My simple, but effective exercise targets the triceps muscle, at the back of the arm. Make the exercise harder by using hand weights or small plastic drinks bottles filled with water or sand.

Sit or stand, pull in your tummy, maintain a good posture.  Arms bent, make a fist (or the use weights) and hold up against your shoulders. Pull shoulder blades back together, and take your upper arms only back up behind you. Hold this position throughout exercise.  Straighten out lower arms; push them down and behind, turning fists out at the same time.  (Don’t “lock” elbows.)  Keep upper arms in position, bend elbows and bring fists or weights, back up to shoulders. Start with five repetitions; build up to ten or more. Feel back of upper arm working!

To improve mottled, marbled looking skin use an exfoliator on whole of the arm, including backs of hands and don’t forget rough, wrinkly elbows. This scrubbing is best done in the bath or shower when the skin is damp.  Rinse, then moisturise well both morning and night for maximum effect. Blotches caused by bad circulation respond to anti-cellulite creams (as on legs) to help speed up sluggish circulation.

A slight glow on the arms improves the look of the skin. Apply a small amount of subtle fake tan/moisturising cream (Dove) several times a week, to the length of your arm and across shoulder and chest (avoid elbows).  This subtle glow helps disguise sun spots the result of over exposure to the sun.

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