I can sing a rainbow

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“Red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue, I can sing a rainbow” sang Carole King.

The colours and choice of clothes I wear are important to me and define my personality.  But some which suited me, even 10 years ago, do nothing for me today.  Colour affects my mood so dressing up makes me feel good (even if nobody else notices!).  A subtle way of putting colour back into my jaded face without using too much make-up is to wear flattering colours next to my skin.

Colour also has a psychological impact on our health, well-being and happiness.  I do wear black, traditionally the colour of mourning, but find it depressing and struggle to wear it well.  But, on confident, upbeat women an all-black outfit can look sensational!  Adding a splash of colour lifts an outfit and my trick is to wear a colourful pashmina, brooch or necklace in a flattering colour (particularly in pinks and reds). That colourful scarf or startling piece of Jewellery needn’t be expensive!  But when they’re worn near the face it draws attention upwards, towards one’s assets, whilst disguising body faults lower down!

As an amateur artist I use The Colour Wheel (an artist’s aid) to show me which colours complement or clash.  Colours found directly opposite across the colour wheel, will happily sit alongside one another. You see this harmony in nature.   For example, my favourite flower is the purple pansy which is beautifully complemented with yellow markings. If I’m not sure about the combination of colours I’ve put together I remember my Mother’s saying “when in doubt leave out”.

Being a bit “arty” I enjoy experimenting and combining colours to create unexpected, exciting effects.  I don’t buy clothes in a colour just because it’s “fashionable” but wear colours that suit me and lift my spirits.  In my wardrobe I group clothes in colour order just like that rainbow.  This way I easily find garments I want to wear, can accessorize and co-ordinate them. Now, I try to avoid panic-buying only to discover back home that I already own something similar!  Why not ask a colour consultant for advice on colours that are best for you, then re-organise your wardrobe and have a clear-out?  Charity shops will be grateful for your cast-offs.


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