What’s going on inside you

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Greyerbaby (CC0), Pixabay

“This Baby could live to be 142 years old” This is the startling caption on the photo of a baby who occupies the cover of Time magazine on the last edition of February 2015.  This was announcing a special edition based on “Dispatches from the Frontiers of Longevity” which contains “new data on how to live a longer, happier life”.

Perhaps the most important fact is that ageing is not the cause of all the problems that are more common in older adults. There is no doubt that ageing exists as a normal biological process. It starts in the early twenties – as our phase of growth and development comes to an end. The general effect reduces our ability to cope with challenges, with infection, and with loss of balance. As well as the biggest challenge of the 21st Century – inactivity

Reproduced from Sod Sitting, Get Moving!: Getting Active in Your 60s, 70s and Beyond Hardcover – 9 Mar. 2017 by Sir Muir Gray (Author), Diana Moran  (Author), David Mostyn (Illustrator)To buy a copy click here

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