Keep your eyes smiling!!

1. Bright Eyes
Look straight ahead keep head still with your chin parallel to floor. Moving your eyes only, first look right and focus, now down to your lap and focus. Look left and focus, and now up to the ceiling and focus. Repeat 5 times with control.

2. Uppers
Without stretching the skin, place your forefingers firmly on your brow bone, (under your eyebrows above the eye socket.) With thumbs on cheeks by ear hold the skin and muscle firmly in place. Working the top muscles only contract your upper eyelids, bringing them down against the resistance. Repeat the movement quickly, 20 times to work the muscles above your eye. (This fast, fluttering movement creates the effect of a 1920’s black and white movie!)

3. Downers
Place your index finger under the centre of the eye, high up on your cheekbone to add resistance. Do not drag or stretch the delicate skin under your eye. Holding the muscle and skin firmly in place on the bone contract and squint up, but only your lower eyelids, 20 times. A small but strong movement. Feel your lower, under eye muscles working.

4. Crows feet
Put the pad of your forefinger on the skin and bone at the outside corner of your eyes. Pull very slightly outwards to create a resistance, but take care not to stretch the skin. Squint hard 20 times and feel the muscles at the side of your eye working against the resistance of your fingers.



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