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Just a short note to thank you for subscribing to my posts. There have been a few changes to the website which my technical boffins have told me will make all of our lives much easier.

Firstly I know some subscribers wanted to be able to peruse all the articles and blogs that I’ve written – and I’m delighted to say that they’re all together on one page here>

Secondly we are so happy to have attracted so many U3A members that we have provided you with an extended U3a discount from 20% to 30% which means you can purchase Keep Fit & Carry On now for £6.99 [+P&P] rather than the original price of £7.99 [or indeed the RRP of £12.00]. Now I gather that a few have experienced difficulty in purchasing this from our website. So we have a special page explaining a much easier process here >

And last but not least we have made our shop much easier to use – please let us know what you think

So please let me know how you are finding the website to use and if there are any topics you would like me to cover?

I’d love to hear from you. And don’t forget ‘Keep Fit & Carry On’

All love

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