I have a problem with excessive facial hair.

I have a problem with excessive facial hair.  Why has this occurred and how do you think I can get rid of it.  I feel so embarrassed. June Townsend Cardiff

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is often fine, light in colour and causes no problems but when hair is dark, coarse and excessive it can be embarrassing. Facial hair is usually caused by higher levels of male hormones called androgens, most commonly testosterone.  All women produce some testosterone; however, some premenopausal women have increased sensitivity, affecting their body causing things like a deep voice and excess hair growth.  Some postmenopausal women have a hormone imbalance resulting from the menopause itself leaving them with an unusually high level of testosterone. Other causes include medicines, such as minoxidil which is taken for high blood pressure, or an ovarian tumour, and being overweight or obese.

Simply shaving excess hair can cause unpleasant stubble in between shaves.  Commercial products are readily available for waxing or bleaching either at home or at your local beauty salon.  Some creams act on enzymes in hair follicles providing e a longer term solution.  Professional treatments include electrolysis, using electricity to remove hair permanently, by destroying hair cells, but this can be painful and may change skin colour.  Also professional laser treatments using powerful beams of light over several months can be used to destroy unwanted excess facial hair.

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