What are your Golden rules for a healthy eating plan as we get older?

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As the years go by I find I need to eat less than I used to.   What are your Golden rules (or should I say Green rules) for a healthy eating plan as we get older? Margaret P – London

Dear Margaret, don’t worry! As we age we can make more of our lives by eating a healthy well balanced diet, it’s that simple! A poor diet can all too often be linked to certain preventable diseases or conditions.  For example, an excess of sugary foods leads to tooth decay and obesity, too much fat in the diet contributes to heart disease whilst too little fibre causes constipation and possible cancer of the colon and bowel. Eating too much of the wrong foods makes the skin, especially on the face, pallid and spotty.

Let’s not forget we eat to give our bodies energy in order to function.   All foods and drinks contain calories which are a measure of energy needed for our body to function and to repair.  The main sources of energy come from Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats.   Many people need less food and those excess calories simply get stored up as unsightly fat deposits around our bodies! So what foods should we be eating?  Well I like to keep things simple, so let’s cut through the maze of advice and look at my basic rules for a well-balanced and nutritious diet.

Eat less of the 3 S’s

  • LESS Saturated fats (Cut down on the amount of red meat by substituting chicken or fish).
  • LESS Sugar
  • LESS Salt

Eat more of the 3 F’s

  • MORE Fish
  • MORE Fibre (Fibre helps improve the digestion)
  • MORE Fruits and vegetables

It’s that simple Margaret – I look forward to knowing how you get on!

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