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If you feel uncomfortable wearing sleeveless dresses or fashionable T shirts because of flabby underarms you are not alone. But if you are feeling self-conscious about them it’s time to do something to improve their appearance. Although there is no quick-fix method that specifically targets arm fat, it is possible to significantly improve the appearance by combining specific arm toning and muscle building exercises, plus plenty of aerobic exercise and a healthy diet.

Many of us neglect the two most visible areas of our bodies, namely our hands and arms. We spend time, effort and money on age-defying products and treatments for our faces and neck but little or no effort in fighting the signs of ageing by firming and toning our arms.  Flabby upper arms are caused firstly by age and secondly by body fat. Arms are prone to flabbiness because as the years advance, our skin loses its elasticity and this is particularly noticeable in the upper and back of our arms. The second cause is body fat, so we need to lose weight and reduce excess flab and fat.  However if you experience a dramatic weight loss through dieting this may add to the problem resulting in saggy excess upper arm skin. Arms deserve the same attention as our faces but all too often we see the contrast of someone having a youthful-looking face, but “old” hands and arms!

Although there are some differences between the skin on your face and the skin on your body all these areas need attention too.  Any products and ingredients that work for faces, to renew and improve skin tone and discolorations, can work well on hands and arms too! Non-abrasive, gentle exfoliation can help, as can dry skin brushing, by removing built-up dead surface skin, to reveal the radiant, healthy skin hiding beneath. Be liberal with nourishing body lotion on your arms after your bath or shower, and in summer time always use sun protection to prevent the appearance of dark skin patches and “sun spots”.  If you like your arms to appear lightly tanned there are fabulous, yet inexpensive fake tans available from high street chemists to give your arms (and legs) a youthful, vibrant appearance.

There are two ways to help get rid of flabby arms.  Exercise is the healthiest option because it also benefits the heart, mind and many other parts of the body. Cosmetic procedures, such as liposuction can get rid of fat, flabby arms, but it is an expensive and risky medical procedure, and it won’t tone up the arm muscles or remove saggy skin.

Your front upper arm muscles, the biceps need to be strong  to pick up, to push and to pull. The triceps, back arm muscles work with the biceps to produce strength and movement and are primarily responsible for straightening your arms. If you are inactive the triceps will become floppy.

BICEPS LIFT To strengthen front arm muscle/biceps

Sit or stand, feet shoulder width apart. Tuck elbows tightly into your waist.    . With palms uppermost hold hand weights or full, small water bottles out in front at waist level. Keeping elbows tucked in tight simply lift weights to shoulders and lower back down with control 10 times.

2        TRICEPS TURN  To firm up floppy backs of upper arm/triceps muscle

Sit or stand holding weights or bottles as before, pull in tummy and maintain good posture. Bend elbows hold weights up at chest level, pull shoulders back together taking elbows behind you. Hold upper arms in this position throughout exercise. Now straighten back your lower arm only down behind your body (turning fists outwards).  Now bend elbows and bring weights back up to chest level. Keeping upper arms steady repeat 10 times. Feel triceps working and tightening flabby “Batwings”!

3        FINGERS AND FLINGS To tone up arms and expand chest

Stand or sit.   Raise arms up to shoulder level in front of chest, elbows bent and touch fingertips together, palms down.   Part fingertips, push arms and shoulders back and expand chest. From this position open arms wide and fling hands back (palms downwards) working upper back, bringing shoulder blades together repeat flings 10 times. Now from start position part fingertips, bend elbows, fling arms open but turn palms uppermost and push hands back. Repeat routine 10 times.

4        TRICEPS DIPS to work underarm muscles

For this strong exercise you need a STURDY chair (or bench) for support.  Stand with back to chair making sure your bottom is close and place hands behind you on support.  Keep your abs tight and lower your upper body down.  Now using your triceps muscles push your body back up again and feel those muscles working!

Repeat with care 10 times.



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