My hair appears to be thinning

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Dear Diana.  My hair appears to be thinning and I am suffering from a dry scalp. I have not changed my shampoo in 20 years and am concerned that I might be going bald. I do not take any vitamins but have heard they might help. Can you advise?

Georgette Wilson, Hertfordshire.

I take pride in my hair and recently spoke to my local hairdresser Beverley, who I trust implicitly, about thinning hair and dry scalp thinking she would recommend products. But from years of observation she has concluded that many symptoms often indicate problems coming from within our bodies, not without.  Her advice was simple.  If in doubt check it out with your Doctor.

So is your hair trying to tell you something? Hair loss can result from shock, sun damage, very low calorie diets and some prescription drugs.  If none of these things are found to be the cause try a change of shampoo, but read the label and make quite certain the product does not contain synthetic chemicals which can irritate your scalp and do nothing for your hair.


White flaky dandruff isn’t harmful and changing to an anti-dandruff shampoo might be the answer. Greasy or yellow dandruff might indicate seborrheic dermatitis.  Look at your diet and ensure you are getting sufficient protein and iron, plus Omega 3 fatty acids, and a little vit A, essential for the health of your hair and scalp. You may think I’m nutty but I eat a handful a day for the benefit of my health, skin and hair!


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