What can I do to help myself come to terms with my lonely life?

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I recently lost my husband and feel so low. We had over 50 years together; I miss him so much it’s making me feel quite unwell. My hubby did everything for me, we had a good social life and my family are concerned. What can I do to help myself come to terms with my lonely life?

Dorothy Webb – Newcastle

Dorothy I’m sorry you’re feeling unable to cope after the loss of your dear husband.

It’s quite understandable, but wellbeing is not just about our bodies, it’s about our mind and spirit too. Being active can help reduce feelings of loneliness, anxiety, stress and worry, so make an effort to get out there, and get talking. Talking through personal worries will often halve your problems, or at least put them into perspective.  You are blessed with family, not everyone is so fortunate and many find themselves living alone not through choice.

This can follow divorce or the death of a partner leading to isolation and depression. Social interaction can reduce the feelings of loneliness and can lift your spirit. Climbing out of the spiral of depression takes a lot of effort and self-motivation Living alone it’s important you maintain mobility and keep your body strong.

Having a positive attitude is all important and you might benefit from an exercise class at your local Sports Centre.  Classes can be social and a source of support. I you find it difficult to take part in physical activities ask your doctor or physiotherapist for their help and advice.

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