Don’t you just love springtime?

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Don’t you just love springtime, full of colour, and especially my favourite yellow? My garden is full of forsythia, daffodils, bright coloured polyanthus, cheery pansies and all shades of green bursting forth in the hedges, trees and fields around me.

As I write the sun is shining and with the lighter evenings I am encouraged to get out into the fresh air to finally shake off the lethargy of winter by being more active.

It’s just common sense that we all take charge of our health.  After all it’s our body and our life so we need to look after it, and not leave it to others to patch it up through our neglect.  Many people look after their cars better than they do themselves, cleaning and repairing the bodywork and filling up with the correct fuel to ensure efficient performance.  And what’s so amusing is that the more vintage the model the more love and attention gets heaped on it!

So now vintage myself I’m likening my body to my car and giving it an MOT to ensure it’s running smoothly. However I’ve a word of caution. More vintage models might experience leaky radiators and backfiring exhausts when they cough and laugh too much!

Age is mind over matter, and if you don’t mind it doesn’t matter. At any age a healthy lifestyle can make us feel good about ourselves and if we do, the chances are we look better too!   It’s not difficult to take the opportunity to exercise, anytime, anywhere by moving about more, just simply walking, cycling, swimming, gardening – or letting the dog take us for a walk!  Eating a well-balanced and colourful diet makes meal times a pleasure, plus 6-8 cups of fluid (tea, coffee, milk drinks, and soups) and of course plenty of water to help ensure we get the right fuel to make our body a more efficient machine.

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