I am totally stupid when it comes to applying makeup

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Diana I have been so busy bringing up my family for the past 10 years and have neglected myself, particular my looks.  I’ve lost my confidence and am now totally stupid when it comes to applying makeup.   Do you have any tips to help me? After so long I feel I need to learn and start all over again!

Jennifer McNally…Swindon

Always make up in daylight if possible. Overhead lights cast downward shadows and if the light is behind you, you can’t see enough. Get into a good routine.  Start with moisturising day cream or a simple tinted moisturiser containing SPF (sun protection factor). And that’s it!   Or, if you are more adventurous, use a foundation matching your skin colour (or blend two colours together if you can’t find a good match).  Squeeze small amount into palm of hand, apply sparingly with tips of fingers. Now for a concealer, best applied with brush, around eyes, spots, high colour and blemishes. Pat into place. Maybe finish with a light dusting of loose powder, but avoid crow’s feet and smoking lines, (powder accentuates them).  Less is best!

If you’re brave experiment with colour.  Use blush (powder, cream or tube) apply to “apple” of your cheek for a healthy glow.  Coloured eyeshadow can flatter and “bring out” eyes.  Apply with fingertip or brush, but don’t overdo it (avoid shiny eyeshadow).  Accentuate eyes further with eyeliner and mascara.  Brown is kinder than black especially if you are not used to make up. However waterproof mascara is difficult to remove and harsh make up removers may break lashes. Well shaped eyebrows complete grooming so tame, comb and define. Finally use a lip liner pencil to draw shape, fill in with a flattering colour, or simply lip gloss or jelly for a more natural look. Have fun Jennifer and wait for the compliments!

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