Hello Diana I am despairing at the appearance of horrible cellulite on my thighs, tum and bottom. Why have I got it….. and what can I do to get rid of it?

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Cellulite is a word horribly engraved on many women’s minds, yet alone on their thighs, tums and bottoms! Cellulite is stubborn “orange peel” like skin which can affect women of all shapes and sizes. It has to do with hormonal make up (this is the reason women suffer from it not men) and is thought to be caused by the retention of excess fluid and the accumulation of excess fat.

The combination of fats, water and toxins trapped in the connective skin tissue results in the typical lumpy, dimpled look. Cellulite and obesity is not the same thing. In obesity the fat is spongy and flabby but smooth, and not painful to touch. Cellulite is particularly noticeable when muscles contract and may hurt when pinched. My anti cellulite action plan is to take regular exercise with 30 minutes of brisk walking or cycling a day to stimulate circulation.

Limit your consumption of foods that contain fats, sugars and alcohol, which produce toxins and discourage water retention by reducing your intake of salt. Pamper yourself with a regular massage, or use a massage glove or body brush at home to encourage circulation, which can help de-toxify your body and get rid of impurities causing cellulite.

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