Hi Diana, I lead such a busy life juggling my home, family and a career. Time is short in the mornings so I tend to skip breakfast, is missing breakfast such a sin! Sallie Aitkins Colchester.

Dear Sallie, speaking personally I cannot operate efficiently without my breakfast which refuels my body and kick starts my day. Every morning I have freshly squeezed orange juice, muesli, yogurt, plus assorted fresh fruit, containing vitamins to boost my immune system, antioxidants to fight cancer and disease, bananas (potassium), figs and prunes (lowers cholesterol and ensures regularity).
Some years ago a study failed to settle the debate on the importance of breakfast but concluded it seemed to be linked to health. Dr Betts, senior lecturer in nutrition, metabolism and statistics said “People who regularly eat breakfast tend to be slimmer and healthier, but these individuals also typically follow most other recommendations for a healthy lifestyle, so have more balanced diets and take more physical exercise.”

Missing breakfast would have a negative impact on my mood. It raises my blood sugar levels helping my brain and muscles function properly, and set me up for the day, providing my body with energy and aiding my concentration in order to tackle the day ahead. And, breakfast provides an opportunity to get together with family to help them prepare for their day. Why not give it a try; it’s never too late to break a habit!

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