Skinny ladies also need advice.

Hi Diana,

I really appreciate your column in The Lady which I look forward to every week, but you mostly give advice to overweight ladies. Please don’t forget us ectomorph’s or slimmer ladies. And could you give some advice on to clothes to flatter my slim figure.

Jennifer Bate (Dorking, Surrey.)

Dear Jennifer

When you’re underweight you tend to feel full faster, so eat frequently and focus on healthy foods to gain weight. Good nutrition is paramount. Gaining weight by eating chips, sweets or cakes and other high- calorie junk foods full of saturated fat and sugar, or with fizzy drinks is bad. These foods increase your body fat instead of your lean body mass.   Alternatively, eat foods high in calories and nutrients such as nuts, peanuts, seeds, peanut butter, almond butter, avocados, hummus and oils, all great sources of healthy plant fats. Animal fats provide nutrients and calories but they also contain saturated fats which can increase bad cholesterol.

When choosing what to wear its easy to flatter your slim frame by choosing clothes with horizontal lines to make you appear wider and create an illusion of curves. Avoid tight clothes and wear clothes with volume such as pleated skirts, maxi dresses, harem pants, or dolman sleeves instead. Layering and piling on several pieces of clothing of varying length can create the appearance of piling on the pounds. Wear ruffles, wide legged pants and draw attention to your fuller shape by choosing happy clothes in bright and light colours.  Dark colours have a slimming effect. 

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