Exercising at home

One way to keep fit is to get up off your chair and keep moving! Be positive about your health, a negative attitude to life may cause health problems.  Physical activity is a good antidote to depression, makes your muscles and heart work better, and helps keep you physically independent. Whatever your age you can improve your fitness level, your stamina, suppleness, strength and your skill (co-ordination).


To stretch out the entire body: stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees soft nd bend forwards from the waist.  Now swing your arms down to the floor and behind you. Continue in a flowing movement to straighten your knees, and swing your arms forwards and high above your head. Breathe deeply, lift your rib cage, straighten up and stretch your entire body. Repeat 5 times. 


To improve the mobility of your upper back: stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Relax left knee and with right hand reach up and over your head as if climbing a rope. Now bring right arm down, reach up and stretch over with your left hand (relax right knee). Repeat alternate sides 5 times.


To strengthen your abdominal (tummy) muscles: lie with knees bent, feet flat on the floor shoulder-width apart (or hook under bed) and place hands on thighs. Pull in your tummy pushing waist down to floor and tilt your pelvis forward (maintain pelvis tilt position throughout exercise). Take deep breath in. Breathe out and curl your upper body and lift your head and shoulders up as far as comfortable, sliding hands towards knees. Keeping back curled breathe in.  Breathe out and slowly lower yourself back down.  (Don’t drop head backwards) Repeat 10 times.


To strengthen spine: turn over and lie on your tummy, arms at your sides. Now bend elbows and place hands on floor, palms down, under your shoulders, with chin on floor. Breathe in, and as you breathe out lift up your head, chest and arms, together in a straight line off the floor like a flying bird (keep looking down.) Breathe out and relax to the floor. A small but strong movement, so build up slowly. Repeat 5 times. Warning: This exercise is not suitable for those with osteoporosis.

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