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Hello Diana, my problem is to do with feet. I have developed painful corns what do you recommend to get rid of them?
Violet Jenkins…Slough
Ouch….I feel for you Violet, they may be small but corns are such a pain! They are not caused by a virus and not contagious, but are areas of hard, thickened skin caused by excessive pressure or friction. Possibly by poor fitting shoes that allow the foot to slide and rub, or by high-heeled shoes that squeeze toes. Pressure causes skin to die, and regrow as a hard protective surface, and often on bony feet which lack natural cushioning. Soft corns form when this occurs, along with sweat becoming trapped where the corn develops. Prevent corns and stop hard, dry skin developing by drying feet thoroughly after washing and applying a special moisturising foot cream. Use a pumice or foot file and regularly remove hard skin

Many GP’s will be able to refer you to a podiatrist (chiropodist) on the NHS. Corns are a symptom of underlying problems, but a moleskin pad properly positioned can alleviate pressure. Over-the-counter treatments, such as corn plasters, are available from pharmacists, but may affect the normal, thin skin surrounding the corn. Corn plasters are not suitable for certain people and care is needed to avoid infections and ulcers for patients with diabetes, poor circulation or numbness in their feet.

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