Wearing Black

Dear Diana I wear a lot of black which I think looks smart, but I do feel my sallow skin needs cheering up a bit. What advice do you have? Wendy Packman Scotland

Dear Wendy, a solid block of black can create a slim, sombre silhouette but you may need to give yourself and your complexion a “lift” with the addition of colour. It’s imperative to recognise that as we age we lose pigment and colour from our skin, and our complexion and hair colour changes too. Colours help create moods but colours which once suited in our youth or even 10 years ago may do nothing for us in maturity. Wearing a flattering colour next to the skin (particularly pinks and reds) in the form of a scarf or necklace is a subtle way of putting colour back into an older jaded face without having to use much, if any make-up.
Many of us wear black to be safe, but personally I have to feel on top of the world in order to wear it well. If I’m feeling a bit low wearing an all black outfit can be a big mistake! For my work in London I find the trick is to add a colourful scarf, brooch or necklace near my face in a colour that really flatters me. When you get it right, a black outfit can look sensational!

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