Recently I lost a dear friend. Few of us escape losing a loved one through death, separation or divorce which can cause unbelievable family and emotional stress, and sometimes financial problems. Coming to terms can lead to loneliness, isolation and depression, adding to the grief already being experienced. It takes self-motivation to get off the downward spiral of depression but making the effort to get out, interact socially, talk with others and to share problems can raise spirits. Positive minded people who find themselves alone, after a period of mourning, learn to come to terms with their bereavement and eventually relish their individualism, are open-minded and eager to embrace all the opportunities that life still has to offer. Engaging in social and productive activities like volunteering in the community can help maintain well-being.
I’ve noticed how older men and women who’ve been in regular contact with young people have relaxed and accommodating ways about dealing with youngsters. Many were teachers or organisers but with fewer commitments now occupy their time being active in social life, running youth clubs, sport or hobby orientated events. They appear satisfied and fulfilled, more so than some long term couples, who together for many years have become bigoted and disillusioned with today’s youth. Having the opportunity of taking a broader, well-informed overview of life creates a healthier mental attitude. Surely it’s better to live for the day, to take an interest in current affairs and to be generous in your opinions? It helps bridge that generation gap. Young people have a lot to learn from the experience and wisdom of their elders and do eventually respect seniors who give them time, are not bigoted, opinionated or dismissive of youth!
For most of us whether single or a couple feeling good is about having a positive attitude to life. We should never look back and dwell on our failures or have regrets, but look forward with optimism. Life doesn’t stand still or stop when circumstances change and it’s never too late to adjust your lifestyle. It pays to take good care of your body, your appearance, to eat a well-balanced diet and to be more active. You’re never too old to adopt different habits to help yourself to better health. Nurture your relationships, love and respect your family and friends – whilst you have them. Continue to listen and learn but always keep an open mind. Enjoy the rest of your life!

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