I hate my feet. I have bunions like onions and am constantly trying to get nice shoes to fit and disguise them. What advice do you have to help me feel less embarrassed about my extremities! Susan Wright Derbyshire

Oh dear Susan… bunions like onions! If it’s any consolation you are not alone! Up to 50% of women have bunions, it’s one of the most common foot complaints. Bunions are caused when the bone under the first toe becomes displaced. The big toe tends to shift towards the smaller toes, resulting in a bunion on one side, over time two toes become crossed. When it’s warm, the bunion can swell, become red and tender and this can impact on the way we walk.

Don’t wear high heels, pointed toes or restrictive winter boots and shoes, which keep bunions enclosed adding to the pain. Wear well-fitting shoes or sandals or try padding, but if you are still in discomfort seek help from your podiatrist or doctor. Have you considered surgery? 3 friends of mine recently underwent successful surgery, it’s put a spring in their step!
Proper nail care is a must; the bunion can cause an in growing toenail when the nail literally grows directly into the skin. Often it’s the result of cutting the nail too short and not cutting straight across. Redness, swelling and pain can indicate an infection. Time to seek medical help.

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